Gallery camellia
Founded in 2006

Gallery camellia is located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo.
The Okuno Building, built in 1932, that the Gallery is situated in, is well-known and considered an architectual heritage among the modern buildings in this district.
The white cubed gallery space with the scent of the former upper-class apartment building enhances the charm of the exhibited art work.

Since 2006, the Gallery is committed to showing the work of progressive young artists.
Our ambition is to be a platform for young artists, support them by setting up their exhibition in the middle of Tokyo and moreover promote their art works throughout not only Japan, but also the world.

Alongside to introducing Japanese contemporary art, the Gallery is also putting the focus on international collaborations, especially with Swiss artists.
In 2011 the exhibition Daruma by seven Swiss artists was held in the Gallery.
This brought us the opportunity of holding further exhibitions titled Face to Face by Hildegard Spielhofer, who participated the Dauma exhibition and an Basel-based Japanese artist, Jun Azumatei.

In 2014 we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Japanese-Swiss diplomatic relations.
Our upcoming project, songs for a pigeon is also a collaboration between several Swiss artists and Swiss-related Japanese artists.

Art brings us and our life an irreplaceable enrichment.

We aim to be a place for discovering and enjoying art through vibrant artists.

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